Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Friday 2nd - Monday 5th September

2nd September
3rd September- just about! 3.30 am, why am I awake?
4th September. Flowers from the Farmers' Market.
5th September. Sock No. 2. I started No. 1 before we came to Sweden in January. Now it's finished except for a bit of toe-grafting. If I get on with this I might have a pair ready by the winter. Or the following winter...

Thursday 1st September

1st September. The need for proper, leaf tea in a teapot became too strong. I took a deep breath, went to the English shop and paid the eyewatering amount of kronor they require for a packet of real tea. Here it is, and I'm glad.

Sunday 28th- Wednesday 31st August

28th August
29th August. This is the laundry room in the basement of the block we live in- and all apartment buildings seem to have them here. You book a three hour slot and go and do all your washing in one go. I was a bit dubious about the idea of not having your own machine, but actually it's great- you don't need space for a washing machine in the flat, and the communal ones are really good. (Plus there's the amazing wind tunnel dryer, but that's a story for another post!) And it's bit sad, maybe, but I love the feeling when all my clothes are clean and ready to wear!
30th August. Watching Austin Powers- Goldmember.
31st August. I've just finished this- it became a bit obsessive... hence the drawing and reading in bed.

Thursday 25th - Saturday 27th August

25th August
26th August. I was drawing this building site in Fatbursparken when the site manager came past and had a look, and offered to show me around the building in the sketch. It's a beautiful old 18C building, on the heritage list, but they need to build a new train tunnel underneath it. So the solution is to lift it up by a couple of mm, build the tunnel underneath, and put it back down again onto the roof of the tunnel. As you do. It's amazing what you can learn from doing a drawing! I'll put more drawings of this on flickr, and go back and do some more when it stops raining.
27th August