Tuesday, 31 January 2012

21st January: Stockholm sketchcrawl at Citykonditori

A semi-blind contour sketch- actually quite a good way to approach all this rather fiddly decoration without getting too bogged down.
We meant to go on somewhere else, having met here at 11, but somehow it never happened... we were still in the same place at 3pm.

Overall, a rather successful day's sketching in excellent company and beautiful surroundings. Roll on the next sketchcrawl!
And if you want to see what people all over the world drew on the same day, here's the link: 

15th- 20th January: a frozen lake, a bright red lamp (and some other things in between).

Still catching up from two weeks of being scanner-less over Christmas...
15th January: skaters on the frozen lake at HellasgÄrden- 15 minutes on the bus from central Stockholm. What was weird about this- and unfortunately a sketch can't convey it- was the sound the ice made. It was a bit like the twanging you get on railway tracks just before a train arrives.
16th January (blind contour)
17th January: attempting to break my own rule of 'I don't do watercolours except as a bit of extra colour/wash'. Hmmm.
18th January: delighted to discover a whole series of 'easy-reading' books in Swedish. So I feel like I'm reading a proper book, but the dictionary is required only a few times each page rather than every other word. Bonus.
19th January: playing with some Winsor & Newton inks I bought in London.
20th January: I've just got a studio space, and was delighted to find this beautiful red lamp in a charity shop to use in it.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

9th- 14th January

9th January: on the way back to Stockholm
10th January
11th January: new ink experimentation
12th January
13th January: watching TV
14th January

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

5th- 8th January: the Barbican, the cat, another train and a blue rocking chair. A good few days!

5th January: lunch at the Barbican cafe, and I entertained myself drawing while Nick went nerding at architecture books.
6th January
7th January: more trains
8th January: a lovely day with Hels and Jake in Hove

1st - 4th January 2012: continuing southern and western England perambulations

New Year's Day
2nd January, at Tom's.
3rd January: trying to draw a fast-moving cat, the challenge being in the fact that she seemed to think my pen lid was the most exciting thing ever- and really just wanted some attention.
4th January: the lower half are quick sketches while watching the news (and making the most of being able to understand everything they say!)

Monday, 16 January 2012

29th- 31st December

29th December: extract from another train page, on the way to Bristol this time.
30th December: a quick pub sketch in The Flyer in Bristol
31st December: Montpelier station in Bristol- this must be one of the smallest city stations ever, with just one very short platform (the other one is still there, but completely overgrown-  a man we chatted to said, 'That's the one for Hogwarts'.

24th- 28th December

24th December: on London trains again, with lots of luggage. Can you see a pattern here? Drawing helps make the journey go quicker though.
Boxing Day. The squirrels are not popular when they eat the nuts for the birds, but I do admire their acrobatic skill. Christmas Day was a drawing-free day...
27th December: a classic Murray day- walk by the river, lunch in a pub, tea and cake... and of course sibling absurdity!
28th December: drawing on the motorway (as a passenger I hasten to add!) Entertaining myself by not looking at the paper- much- and in any case it was dark. But remarkably pleasing results nevertheless.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

23rd December

23rd December: travelling

And where is 22nd December, you might ask? Well, I might ask that too...it seems like such a long time ago now.