Monday, 31 October 2011

29th- 30th October: more autumnal-ness and pancakes

Saturday 29th October: a blind contour drawing of- believe it or not- a candlestick.

Sunday 30th October

Friday, 28 October 2011

26- 28th October: Fuel, lifedrawing and experiments...

Friday 28th October: fuel. Having finally actually done an Illustration Friday topic, it's now too late to post it on their website for this week. Still, it's a first step, so here it is. The word was fuel, and having had several weeks of not being able to read properly, now that I can again, this is what is mentally fuelling me. Plus the chocolates in the box on top, of course!

Thursday 27th October: lifedrawing in Ropsten. I've always hated working in tone, mainly because I could never seperate the tones out clearly enough to get the drawing to make any sense. So now I'm practising- and strangely enough, it's a lot less painful than I thought...
Thursday 27th part 2
Wednesday 26th October: experimental drawing continues

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

22nd- 24th October

Saturday 22nd October

Sunday 23rd October: a brilliant (one-day-early) birthday present...a piece of lime wood from Halland. Now I have to put my money where my mouth is and learn to carve it. More on that anon...
Monday 24th October: a lovely day, but I spent most of the time enjoying the day rather than drawing. I recently acquired a fountain pen, but at the moment it only has blue ink in it. I'm really not sure about blue ink- way too many school essays and  exercise books were filled with the stuff for it to have anything but those associations. So I'm waiting impatiently for the black ink I ordered to arrive...

18th- 21st October: Russian art, autumnal appearances and floating bits of tunnel. Not to mention the jackdaws...

Tuesday 18th October: I was watching and sketching a programme about Russian art presented by Andrew Graham Dixon. The quote is one of the more bizarre things I learned from watching it...
Wednesday 19th October
Thursday 20th October: rain splattered ink (another reaon to use waterproof ink!) while watching work on the soon-to-be underwater part of Stockholms new railway line. According to my ever-reliable source of engineering knowledge, they're building sections of tunnel on top of the water- on the big floating platforms which are- (honestly!)- what you can see in the sketch. Then when these are ready they will be sunk to the lake bed and, magically avoiding being filled with water, will become a new railway tunnel. I think I will have to go and draw when they sink them- it sounds like it will  be quite dramatic.
Friday 21st October: evening jackdaw collection

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Friday, 14 October 2011

7th - 13th October

7th October

8th October

9th October

10th October

11th October

12th October

13th October
Caught up, finally.

3rd- 6th October

3rd October- extract from journal page

4th October
5th October
6th October

28th September - 2nd October

29th September
30th September
1st October
2nd October
Ahem, yes, 28th September is missing and I have no idea where it is or even what it is. Oops.
30th and 2nd are continuing the experiments from Drawing Projects (I love that book, even if it is full of spelling mistakes...) and 1st October, ah yes, the rugby. Please don't make the mistake of thinking that I am a rugby fan, but if it's on in the flat on a Saturday morning, well, there are quite a few walking caricatures to take a pencil to! 29th September is an illustration practice piece.

24th- 27th September

24th September- drawing with Nina, Beckholmen
25th September
26th September: experiments continued. Drawing without looking at the paper.
27th September

21st- 23rd September: the experiments continue...

21st September

22nd September
23rd September

Experiments continued... using the book Drawing Projects by Mick Maslen and Jack Southern. The top two are examples of drawing by touch- i.e. feeling an object (in this case my own face) with your eyes closed and drawing what you can feel. Remarkably liberating- and I rather like the results.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

17th- 20th September

17th September. Inroads have been made into Nick's birthday cake from yesterday...
18th September: a coffee in a trendy cafe that doubles as a dvd rental shop.
19th September
20th September: quick sketch out of the window

16th September- two Murrays draw their way around Stockholm- Final part

16th September- Charlotte Murray
16th September- George Murray

The final part of a week of drawings with Dad.

Friday, 7 October 2011

14th- 15th September- two Murrays draw their way around Stockholm continued...

Part three of the 'what we drew when my folks came to visit' series...
14th September- George Murray
14th September- Charlotte Murray

15th September- Charlotte Murray- experimental drawing series continued, this time by touch only and without looking at what you're drawing. It's a bear as in a stuffed toy, by the way...not  a real one!
15th September- George Murray (Hmmm, it's weird to be on the reciving end of this now- I'm usually the one doling out the 'sit still, I'm drawing you'.