Friday, 13 July 2012

Cycling adventure

Well, I was going to post drawings from the past few days before I leave Stockholm to cycle home to England. However, the scanner, the camera, the computer and even blogger seem to have other ideas, so I'll just have to sign off temporarily in writing! I will be drawing daily over the next month and 2000km, and will post the drawings when I get back to Bristol. So, if you happen to be in southern Sweden, Denmark, northern Germany, the Dutch or Belgian coast or northern France, look out for two heavily laden cycle tourers, one with sketch book in hand!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

28th- 30th June

28th June: 'modified' contour drawing i.e. looking at the paper some of the time. The view from Detroit Gallery- again.

29th June: 'expanding' drawing - adding new pieces of paper as needed to end up with a big drawing, by stealth! From the Friday night workshop I ran on blind contour drawing.

30th June: drawing from an object while listening to different types of music. From Jenny Soep's 'Drawing with, to and from music' workshop. I loved this little monkey sculpture so much that I drew it over and over again.

26th- 27th June

26th June: playing around with contour lines and, ahem, colouring in!

27th June: another chunk of time sitting in the gallery- a good excuse to draw.