Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The far, far north... (2nd- 5thJune)

Sunday 5th June. Short and very, very tough birch trees.

Sunday 5th June
Saturday 4th June. Antlers that Nick found while I was drawing- the benefits of going walking with a sketcher!
Friday 3rd June 
Thursday 2nd June- three Porters sitting on a log.

If you get on a train in Stockholm and go north for 17 hours you end up in Abisko, a truly wild and beautiful national park. This is what we did over the bank holiday weekend- and these are some of my drawings. It's about as far north as you can go in Sweden, and if you stayed on the train longer you'd soon be in Norway. It's inside the arctic circle, and so light constantly at this time of year, though I'm afraid I was too exhausted from all the walking to want to get up and take a photo! When we left Stockholm it was blazingly hot, when we got off the train the next morning there was ice on the lake and snow on the mountains.


  1. These sketches are so lovely!

  2. You captured some great scenes and the feeling of the cold.

  3. Glad you had time to sketch during your long weekend. I think you really captured the arctic feeling of constant light.

  4. Thanks Alex, Cathy and Sasa,
    It was definitely cold! And the light is funny- it gets a bit dimmer, but just doesn't go. I guess if you live there and get 24 hour darkness in winter you just make the most of it in the summer!