Tuesday, 31 January 2012

15th- 20th January: a frozen lake, a bright red lamp (and some other things in between).

Still catching up from two weeks of being scanner-less over Christmas...
15th January: skaters on the frozen lake at Hellasgården- 15 minutes on the bus from central Stockholm. What was weird about this- and unfortunately a sketch can't convey it- was the sound the ice made. It was a bit like the twanging you get on railway tracks just before a train arrives.
16th January (blind contour)
17th January: attempting to break my own rule of 'I don't do watercolours except as a bit of extra colour/wash'. Hmmm.
18th January: delighted to discover a whole series of 'easy-reading' books in Swedish. So I feel like I'm reading a proper book, but the dictionary is required only a few times each page rather than every other word. Bonus.
19th January: playing with some Winsor & Newton inks I bought in London.
20th January: I've just got a studio space, and was delighted to find this beautiful red lamp in a charity shop to use in it.


  1. Hello Charlotte,
    Some great sketches - really nice (as is the red lamp).
    Swedish...Wow (unless your Swedish but just in case...Wow).

  2. Thanks Stew! No,I'm English, but have been living here in Stockholm for a year and working on learning the language. Oh, and re: the malt loaf comment, from Bristol. :-)

  3. Very nice sketches. I especially like the red lamp.

  4. Now I want a shiny red lamp too, great sketches.

  5. Your sketches are so cool! I really like the variation of your styles ^^