Monday, 18 June 2012

15th- 17th June

15th June: aspen

16th June

17th June


  1. These are neat little sketches, I like the little hints of colour (just a touch) it just makes the sketch pop. The last sketch I thought it was a little boat at first, but is that some stuff on a roof top?

  2. Thanks, pleased you like them! That sketch is, yup, stuff of some sort on the roof of the building opposite us. Not sure what it does really -which is part of the attraction- intriguing shapes and a mysterious purpose!(maybe it's for mobile phones?)

  3. hi :) i'm new to your blog and I really like your soft lines for sketches! your journal or sketchbook seems very interesting! I'm keen on seeing more!

  4. I really enjoyed seeing your drawings here. A lot. Thanks for sharing!