Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Saturday 6th- Friday 12th August

Saturday 6th August. Inside James Turrell's Skyspace, at Ytterjärna. A very quick sketch, lying down on the curved bench inside and looking up at the sky. But it gives an idea of what it was like, I think.

Sunday 7th August. Also at Ytterjärna, this was while sheltering in Bruno Lilljefors' painting hut looking out over the lake during a raging thunderstorm! He was a famous Swedish painter (and hunter) of animals and birds and his reed thatched hut, which has a glass front, is preserved in the grounds of the centre where the James Turrell exhibition is.
Tuesday 9th August
Wednesday 10th August. Sergels Torg from Kulturhuset- inside the music library.
Thursday 11th August. I love the fact that this building- formerly the offices of the tax department- is called 'the' skyscraper. Now it's been turned into student accommodation but has a rather swanky bar on the top floor where you can go and look out over the city while slowly sipping your precious drink.
Friday 12th August. Barnacle geese in Djurgården. Working on doing larger drawings from quick sketches.

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