Friday, 26 August 2011

Tuesday 23rd- Wednesday 24th August

23rd August. Fatbursparken- just around the corner, I went there to sit outside with my cup of tea and ended up staying and drawing. Oh well. The blue lumps are part of a fountain that seems to spend most of its time dry- as you can see from the people walking around in it!
24th August. The new Karolinska hospital - well, it will be in a few years! This building site is the reason (indirectly) that I'm in Stockholm, so here it is. I actually rather enjoyed drawing this - and (yes, I know engineers will laugh...) but as a 'layman' you don't realise just how much things move around on a building site until you stop and try to draw them. So it was interesting and a good challenge.


  1. These are wonderful! I especially like the top one and the way you composed the page.