Monday, 19 March 2012

13th- 14th March: inside views and cross country skiing in central Stockholm

13th March: extracted from a group of four sketches experimenting with showing inside and outside, erm, side by side (oh).

Royal Palace Sprint- a cross country skiing race that goes right around Stockholms Royal Palace- including up and down the steps. Roads are closed, snow is imported in lorries and structures are constructed for people to stand on. The atmosphere was amazing, the wind chilly, and the world's top cross country skiiers performed feats of strength and speed which seem astonishing to me as a novice!

Royal Palace Sprint continued

Royal Palace Sprint spectators: standing on the steps of a tall statue- a bit far away to see the details of the start and finish, but you could see the skiers passing and going up the slope . As I sketched, more and more people stood in front of me, so I drew them instead.

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