Thursday, 8 March 2012

2nd March: optimistically (?) sketching outside

It's March, the sun is shining, the weather has been above freezing for a few days... what could possibly go wrong with sketching outside in Stockholm?
We headed to an industrial area near Liljeholmen, starting off with a cement factory. A very interesting cement factory beside a lake. However, the lake is still frozen- and a strong wind was blowing off it, carrying cement dust in our direction... I regretted not having worn my thermals!
Nevertheless, we managed to stay put long enough to do a few sketches:

Railway carriages from the cement factory: fascinating big metal shapes to draw
Having warmed up inside Färgfabriken- a gallery with a very nice cafe- we noticed that someone had very kindly placed a picnic bench on a patch of grass in the sun, out of the wind. And even better, it offered some interesting views. Needless to say we settled down happily for a few more sketches. All in all it was a successful day of drawing, albeit with a rather chilly start.

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