Friday, 25 May 2012

14th- 17th May: a cardboard owl, a national park, a bag full of washing.

14th May: the end of the tissue paper sketchbook at last. Sadly not drawn from a real owl, this is a contour-ish sketch of a cardboard cut-out that lives in our kitchen.

15th May: I've started going to Tyresta National Park for a day each week since the weather got better. It takes about an hour by bus, so is pretty accessible from the city- and it's a real national park/ nature reserve where if you leave the main paths you can see nobody all day.

16th May: one of those things I thought I ought to record as being a significant feature of living in Sweden. Not the big blue Ikea bag, obviously, but the concept of using a shared laundry room in the basement- and getting all your washing done in one big go.

17th May

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