Monday, 14 May 2012

1st - 4th May: dodgy magnolia blossom and drawings using two pencils at once.

1st May: an experiment with wax crayon and watercolour, attempting to show the almost unbelievable fresh whiteness of magnolia blossoms. Sadly the white of the wax crayon stopping out the watercolour wash didn't show up as clearly as I'd hoped, but it's a technique to file away for future reference, perhaps.

2nd May: continuing the very thin tissue paper sketchbook, sketches of a small sculpture from a charity shop. The top layer is made by touch, the second one a contour drawing. And you can see a few more pages behind.

3rd May: little wooden zebra. Drawn holding two chalk/carbon pencils together, a technique that seems to be yielding some very satisfying marks.

4th May: using two pencils together again, and without looking at the paper too much: a wooden mask this time.

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