Friday, 7 October 2011

14th- 15th September- two Murrays draw their way around Stockholm continued...

Part three of the 'what we drew when my folks came to visit' series...
14th September- George Murray
14th September- Charlotte Murray

15th September- Charlotte Murray- experimental drawing series continued, this time by touch only and without looking at what you're drawing. It's a bear as in a stuffed toy, by the way...not  a real one!
15th September- George Murray (Hmmm, it's weird to be on the reciving end of this now- I'm usually the one doling out the 'sit still, I'm drawing you'.


  1. Nice sketches! Love the elk on the last post too ^^

  2. I love these, and the last post's sketches as well. It's interesting that your father has a similar style :)

  3. These are terrific! I wish one of my parents sketched too. That would be such a neat thing to share with family. Both of you are very good!