Friday, 28 October 2011

26- 28th October: Fuel, lifedrawing and experiments...

Friday 28th October: fuel. Having finally actually done an Illustration Friday topic, it's now too late to post it on their website for this week. Still, it's a first step, so here it is. The word was fuel, and having had several weeks of not being able to read properly, now that I can again, this is what is mentally fuelling me. Plus the chocolates in the box on top, of course!

Thursday 27th October: lifedrawing in Ropsten. I've always hated working in tone, mainly because I could never seperate the tones out clearly enough to get the drawing to make any sense. So now I'm practising- and strangely enough, it's a lot less painful than I thought...
Thursday 27th part 2
Wednesday 26th October: experimental drawing continues


  1. I really like the book sketch! I like how you actually shaded the pages.