Tuesday, 25 October 2011

18th- 21st October: Russian art, autumnal appearances and floating bits of tunnel. Not to mention the jackdaws...

Tuesday 18th October: I was watching and sketching a programme about Russian art presented by Andrew Graham Dixon. The quote is one of the more bizarre things I learned from watching it...
Wednesday 19th October
Thursday 20th October: rain splattered ink (another reaon to use waterproof ink!) while watching work on the soon-to-be underwater part of Stockholms new railway line. According to my ever-reliable source of engineering knowledge, they're building sections of tunnel on top of the water- on the big floating platforms which are- (honestly!)- what you can see in the sketch. Then when these are ready they will be sunk to the lake bed and, magically avoiding being filled with water, will become a new railway tunnel. I think I will have to go and draw when they sink them- it sounds like it will  be quite dramatic.
Friday 21st October: evening jackdaw collection

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