Tuesday, 8 November 2011

1st - 4th November

1st November: I'd been on a baking mission...
2nd November: building sites are becoming a bit of an obsession, apparently.This one is a floating building site. When I arrived, I noticed the helicopter on the platform, with a big group of people standing around it. After a while it flew off- which is why it appears twice (yes, I know- it's meant to be like that!)
3rd November: quick pen and watercolour sketches from the same hill as yesterday's drawing, though a bit further along. Monteliusvägen, if you're interested!

3rd November: as before...
4th November: drawing from the same place for the third day in a row... looking down at some rather brave elder, clinging to the cliffs.


  1. I love the biscuits! That sketch really made me smile :)

  2. Great sketches, what are they building on the floating building site?