Tuesday, 1 November 2011

31st October: nothing very Halloween...

31st October life drawing

And again...
This is at Tellus Bio, an old cinema in Midsommarkransen, a suburb of Stockholm. The place is used as a community art centre, and shows films, has games nights in the cafe, life drawing- all that sort of good stuff. It's unusual because you sit in the fold- down cinema seats and the model sits on the stage- or if you sit further back you kind of perch on the folded up seats and there is a board that slides out from the seat in front to rest your paper on. I'm still working on getting to grips with tonal work- and feeling like I'm actually beginning to get somewhere with it at last!


  1. Hi Charlotte, your sketches have great depth, I like them a lot. You are so lucky to have such easy access to life drawing, its very difficult over here .

  2. beautiful figure drawings, and i like your candlestick too.