Tuesday, 14 February 2012

13th February: lifedrawing- or krokis in Sweden

13th February: using parallel pen

13th February: using ordinary pen (noodler's flex)
The first life drawing I've been to so far this year, at Tellus Bio.
I discovered a perfect combination last night: this very thin paper, which has become a favourite for lifedrawing anyway- a bit like brown tissue paper, it's sold as packing paper for moving house- and a Pilot parallel pen. The pen is very wide but can be used either on the wide bit or on the narrow edge, and on most paper it's a bit rough and awkward. But on this super-thin paper (which has one shiny side) it glides beautifully, the ink flows, it twists easily from thin to thick... a delightful experience! Plus the ink goes through the paper a bit so you get interesting traces on the next page. Perfect.

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