Friday, 10 February 2012

8th- 10th February: expanding drawings!

8th February
9th February
10th February
This week I've been working on drawings on multiple sheets of paper; starting with a single piece, and adding more in whichever direction seems interesting as the thing develops. 8th and 9th are from the local library- I had to go back again to complete it- and are now both part of an eight-piece drawing which (for the moment) defeats me at scanning and posting it all together at a reasonable size... 10th February is from the (Swedish) National Museum's design collection. They very helpfully have strategically positioned chairs which you are allowed to sit on - quite funny in a room of museum object chairs and they don't look all that different. Interesting though how your view is shaped by availability of somewhere to sit- all the angles rejected because they didn't have a chair in front of them.

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