Thursday, 26 April 2012

11th- 16th April

11th April: enlargement of a drawing-from-a-painting, just to make things sound complicated.

12th April: paraphernalia for the camping stove which needed fixing.
13th April: a beautiful old coffee grinder in an old-fashioned cafe.

14th April: snow again, and enjoying using graphite and chalk on brown tissue paper.
15th April: Sunday afternoon cake baking is becoming a habit.

16th April: krokis at a new place- Mäster Olofsgården in Gamla Stan. I liked the way that they did a big variety of timed poses, including half an hour of super-short ones (this is one of them). Two minutes, or maybe even one.


  1. Great drawings, fun to see all the different subject and materials you use to draw on... Looks like you have the same weather in Stockholm that we have over here, cold and not very spring like (although I sure miss Stockholm this time of the year)... And I think I been to that cafe, love old cafe's.

    1. Keeps it interesting to use lots of different materials! The weather finally warmed up yesterday, now for a bit of outdoor sketching. Hope yours is getting better too...