Monday, 2 April 2012

26th- 29th March

26th March: final krokis session at Tellus Bio. They don't start again there until the autumn, so it was a bit sad to realise I won't be going back there.

27th March: symbolic of all the cycling to come over the next few months.
28th March: a sudden- and as it turned out, sadly brief- warming up of the weather meant that it was possible to sit outside and draw. These 1960s (?) flats just beside Tantolunden park sit on top of a hill and, from the other side, look out across the lake, trees and the southwest of the city. Not a bad view, I should think!

29th March: Day 2 of lunchtime outdoor drawing, brought to an abrupt end by a rather nasty hailstorm. Oh well.

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