Tuesday, 17 April 2012

2nd- 5th April

New super-low resolution images now, having discovered I'd got to the end of the blogger storage limit. This also means that I've got to go back and reduce the size of (at least some of) the photos I'd merrily uploaded in a massive format- and as a result the blog posts won't be in chronological order any more. So please excuse the higgeldy piggeldyness which may result... maybe it's good a chance to see some old posts again (if I can avoid cringeing at them too much...)
2nd April 2012
3rd April: it's not all that clear here, but these are drawings on perspex/ glass, working out perspective in the top ones, attempting to create a layered effect by drawing on two surfaces- glass and paper behind- in the bottom one.
4th April: a similar thing, using tracing paper this time. I'm interested in the way that if you have a tonal image with a linear image on top of it, in certain cases the linear one seems to float on top of the tonal one and your eye swings backwards and forwards between them so that it looks like one is in a 3-d space behind the other. I'm not sure it works all that well here, but they're the day's drawings anyway.
5th April: a straightforward tonal sketch. I've only recently 'got' tonal drawing, I'm sure living in a entirely white-painted flat with lots of windows has had something to do with it.

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