Friday, 27 April 2012

22nd- 25th April: a new sketchbook

This latest sketchbook is filled entirely with very thin tissue paper- brown mostly, with some white here and there. I realised that sketchbooks are a very good way to structure experimenting with different ways of drawing, depending on the paper, the size and so on.  Making myself a tissue paper one means that while it lasts, I draw mostly in pen on crinkly paper. And when it's finished, I make something else. It doesn't last for ever, so I can be happy with using one or two methods/media for the moment, knowing that the next one will be completely different. Or that's the theory anyway...

22nd April: ok, this one's obviously not from the crinkly paper sketchbook. Quick heads from the tv.
23rd April: Västra Skogen T-bana station, after a St George's Day run (scanning wrinkles being the downside to tissue paper...)
24th April: Södermalm Alle

25th April: this sparrow has taken to sitting on our window sill and chirping. Trying to creep up quietly and get close enough to draw him is becoming a bit of a game.

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